Sayings of the Heart

Date Preached: 12-17-17
Scrpiture Passage: Jude 16
Title: Sayings of the Heart
If we spend enough time with someone in various situations, we will learn what is in the others hearts by the words we say. The scriptures tell us that what is in a person's heart comes out of their mouth. Not surprising then, as Jude nears the conclusion of his discussion of these impostors who have slipped into the church fellowship, he turns his attention to their words. His description is telling. I warn you though, what he has to say can also can be a bit of reproach to us. This is because we can easily be guilty of speaking like these people who are marked out for condemnation.

Our speech is a window into who we are. Oh, we might be able to keep the shades pulled for a while, or in some situations, but eventually, the real you comes through . . . and what we see is sometimes not so pretty.

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