Birthday Confusion

Date Preached: 12-24-17
Scripture Passage: Various Texts
Title: Birthday Confusion
Christmas – it is the day we choose to celebrate a birth – the birth of Jesus. If there is anyone whose birth should be celebrated, it is Jesus. Although Mary was His mother, and like all other mothers who gives birth, she should be celebrated appropriately. Additionally Mary was specifically chosen by God. Mary submitted to God . . . Mary was, to be sure, a very special and unique woman. Yet the significance and importance of Jesus, His Birth, His life, His death, His resurrection . . . leave Mary in the shadows . . . albeit she played an important role . . . Jesus outshines her like the sun out shines a firefly.

The whole Bible is about Jesus – It begins and ends with Jesus. All of Creation is about Jesus – it begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus; He is the alpha and the omega – the beginning and the end. And regarding Jesus, He is the gift of God to us . . . salvation through Jesus is the gift of God to us. It is the Father who sent Jesus, who gave Jesus, who in His grace, love and mercy sent His Son . . .The coming of Jesus into the world, His birth, is worthy of celebration.

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