5,000 Words Worth

Date Preached: December 10th 2017 
Scripture Reference Jude 12-15
Title: 5000 Words Worth
The message in the book of Jude is simple – contend for the faith – stand fast for the truth – because there are those who come into the gatherings of followers of Jesus who pose a danger. They do not follow Jesus . . . they may lead you astray. Be careful.

Jude is like a photographer.Well Jude is snapping photos of these people in the church. He is looking at them from 100 different angles. His letter is kinda like someone who has come home from vacation and has invited us over to see his pictures.

We have already seen some of the pictures
  • Israel – 603,550 men dying in the wilderness
  • Angels – kept in eternal bonds
  • Fire and Brimstone destroying Sodom, Gomorrah, surrounding cities.
  • Cain – rejected by God b/c he went his own way
  • Balaam – thought he could get rich in supposed service of God
  • Korah – thought he was worthy of being leader; rebelled.

Each of those provide a clear picture of people who strayed from the true faith, Jude says, which was once for all delivered to the saints. Those were destroyed. People today, who follow down the same wide highway are headed for destruction.

Today we zoom in a bit more and get some different pictures – illustrations that highlight characteristics of these doomed people.

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