Tanzania Sponsor

Greetings brother Jeff,

I hope everything is well with you, family and the Caanan church. In
Tanzania we are doing well with studies at Mwanza Bible Institute as well as in the church as a whole and my family. I thank God on behalf of the MBI and the students who received your support. Your support is used by four students who had no support this semester but are so good and hardworking in the studies. We have covered almost half of the semester and the MBI board decided to grant your assistance to the four students I have attached their photos in this email.
For the students, we just told them this week that their fees have been covered from Caanan through our connection with you. Today I have received four letters giving thanks for your assistance and mentioned you and the church to be lifted to the throne of grace in the chapel time. Please receive their gratitude on behalf. Please let me know if you will prefer to see their letters so that I can interpret them into english to attach them, otherwise please let the church receive these students' gratitude for your support.

On behalf of the MBI board and staff, I want to thank you for seeing the necessity to collaborate with MBI in equipping and training ministers for His glory. It is very hard when I witness some students being terminated from studies because of being unable to pay their contributions. Surely you have become part of MBI for His kingdom. Thanks again.

Pass my greetings to everyone who knows me especially your immediate family and the church.

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