Hope for Us Heathens

Title: Hope for Us Heathens
Date Preached: October 1st 2017

God is doing something great in the world. We sometimes just don't get it. When we do get it, we are like “Oh Wow!!!!! God is truly wonderful and great and wise.”

God has told us in advance some of what He is doing. He has also told us some of how He is doing it. But even when told plainly, we sometimes lack what it takes to grasp the work of God in this world.

Although the eternal God exists outside of time, He is actively working within human history to provide salvation for His fallen creation, and for fallen people, like you and me. Today we look at for stages in human history as God is building for Himself a temple, a temple of people in whom He dwells. The stages that we will consider are:

  • The promises for salvation.
  • The provisions for salvation.
  • The progress of salvation.
  • The prospect for the future for salvation.

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