The Book Of Judges

When I read the book of Judges, I am like, “Wow!!!!!” things were so bad, so terrible, and the people did not get it. And then I look around and I see not just people of the world, but Christians, straying from God and headed for the same type of problems and pain and grief. Wow!!! will they ever get it? 

But then I recall what happened in the time of Judges, what is written in the Old Testament, has been written for an example and for our instruction. 

I am also encouraged when I observe the great faithfulness of God in the midst of the rebellion and failure of His people. One might think that God would get fed up with them, but He does not. Instead the book of Judges is a testimony of God's patience, mercy and faithfulness. We should be encouraged, that even though God deals with sin, He is kind and gentle. His love does not reject, but disciplines those who are the object of His love.

So today we look at the big picture of the book of Judges and see that life gets bad when we do not follow God. By looking at the failures of Israel we can hopefully avoid some of the snares they allowed themselves to fall into. You see, at the core, the failures of Israel as a nation are the same failures that we potentially face in our lives.

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