Trust Me

Sermon Text: Joshua
Date Preached: 7/23/17

Our experiences of broken trust with people is a problem for us at several levels. It is a problem for us sometimes in trusting anyone. That makes for hard relationships.

More significantly, because we do not trust people, we have trouble trusting God. When we do not trust God, we do not have faith. When we lack faith we do not obey and are displeasing to God.

Our challenge then is to realize that, as the scriptures say, in Romans 3:4 “. . . let God be found true, though every man be found a liar.” God is different from us, different from the people we know. God is Holy. Even though every man be a liar, God is true. Even though every man, you and me, may be untrustworthy at times, God can always - each time, every time, all the time – BE TRUSTED!

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