Our Heavenly Father Knows Best

Date: 8/20/17
Text: 1 Samuel 8
Title: Our Heavenly Father Knows Best

When faced with life's problems we often are inclined to reject the best solution and choose our own solution. Instead of asking what God wants, we just do what we think is best. Instead of asking for counsel or advice from godly people, we stumble through life thinking we have it figured out.

When faced with a problem, we often default to the world's solution rather than walking in faith and traveling the path of one with a mind transformed to have the perspective of Jesus. God's people are to be different than the world and if we are not careful we are easily carried away as in a flash flood by the ways of the world. When it comes to how we live our lives, it is obvious that Our Father who created us knows what is best for us. Our Father knows best. It is a trait of God to give good things to His children.

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