Uncommon Common Salvation

Title: Uncommon Common Salvation
Text: Jude 1-2

Date Preached: October 15th 2017

There are two things I have learned about true Christians: (are you ready for this?)
 1) True Christians are just like everyone else – they can't boast.
2) True Christians are different from everyone else.

It has been said that a Christian is someone who acts like Jesus when everyone else is acting like himself. Is it not a bit strange that we would use the term “true Christian” when we should be able just to say “Christian?”

As the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold.” Similarly, not all who appear, or claim to be Christian, are.

For all that is true and genuine, there is that which is false, ever since the garden of Eden when Satan offer an alternative to the command of God not to eat from the true. We find that the Bible frequently speaks of the impostors. False gods, false prophets, false apostles and false teachers. Jesus made the distinction between the true sons of the kingdom and the impostors in the parable of the wheat and tares. He spoke of those who would come into the flock of God, appearing to be sheep, but were thieves and robbers and murderers – wolves in sheep's clothing.

 The book of Jude stands prominently in the Bible as a bright spotlight on the contracts between the true follower of Jesus and the fake. Today, we see three distinctions between the true and the false. As we begin our journey in Jude, let's pray that God will do two things:
  1. First that we would search our own heart to ensure we follow Jesus according to the truth. And,
  2. That we would have discernment to identify that which is false that we would be able to not go astray and be able to help others follow the Lord Jesus in spirit and in truth.

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