God and Bad Things

Date: 9/3/17
Title: Good and Bad Things
Scripture: 2 Kings 17:7-18

Have you ever had something bad happen in your life and then find yourself wondering why. And then all the sudden some recent or past sin comes to your mind. And then you wonder. Is God punishing me? Has this bad thing happened because of the bad thing I have done? Maybe yes? Maybe coincidence? Either way, God has your attention. Hopefully the result is that you have an increased motivation to put off your sin. It has happened to me. If you know the Lord, I suspect it has happened to you. Yet the question about cause and effect sometimes remains.

Yet there are things that happen that we can have complete certainty that God is the cause of what has happened. When we read the Old Testament we find that some really, really bad things happened. There is no sliver of a doubt that God caused the really bad things to happen. This truth may rattle our view of God, but it is clear beyond disputing. Sometimes God causes bad things to happen. Such is the case of the expulsion of Israel from the promised land and their exile.

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