Responding in Grace

Well meaning, but misguided Christians, can be some of the most offensive and obnoxious people on the face of the earth. In the Name of Jesus, things are sometimes said and done that are wrong, hurtful, and offensive. Causes for such behavior often arises from ignorance of the grace of God, self righteousness, and pride.

From the hateful speech of Westburro Baptist Church to extortionist predatory televangelists, to the immoral exploits of big name preachers, the Name of Jesus is dragged through the mud.

But it is not just them, is it? It can be, and sometimes is, us – you and me. Our words and actions can push people away from Jesus. It happens in our homes, in our work, in our business dealings, . . . sometimes we just do not think about how our lives are impacting the cause of the gospel in the people we cross paths with.

We need to be thoughtful and wise in our dealings with people. We need to think about how our words and deeds reflect on the gospel. In short we need to be considerate . . . that is we need to consider others. We need to think about how our words and how our actions will be viewed. We want to be someone who leads others to Jesus not those who push them away.

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