God's Relationship With YOU

Date Preached: 2/19/17
Text: Colossians 2:6-7

For us to shine brightly in this world we must have the kind of relationship with God that He offers to us. This relationship is based on who He is, as He has revealed in the truth of His Word, the Bible. God extends to us salvation that is accepted or rejected one individual at a time.

Salvation is a relationship with God. It is as if God comes to us and proposes marriage - “Will you marry, enter into a relationship with, Me?” If we say “yes” to God, then we accept His proposal and the provisions He has made for the relationship. If we say “no,” then there is no relationship with God.

We understand, for there to be a marriage, it takes the agreement of two. When we stand before the official to be married, each one must agree. Each must say “I do.” If one says no, then there is no marriage. Similarly your relationship with God involves two people. God and you. However, as we will see, the function of our relationship with God is also different than human marriage. So let's consider the roles and functioning of the two people that constitute a relationship with God.

                                                      Sermon Handouts

It takes TWO – PEOPLE
Colossians 2:6-7

GOD provides everything needed for a relationship with Him.

  1. Regarding our relationship with God in Salvation it is 50/50, 100/100, 100/0 or other? Explain.

  1. Comparing our role to God's role in salvation is not like comparing apples and oranges but more like comparing . . .

  1. Describe how God's role in our salvation is described in Colossians 2:6-7.

YOU willingly participate in the relationship God provides.

Identify and Describe the three things mentioned in Colossians 2:6-7 that are our role/responsibility in salvation

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