God Sent You!

Title: God Sent You!
Date Preached: 2/5/17
Text: Colossians 1:24-29

Are we willing to acknowledge that there may be people in our lives to whom God has sent us that they might be saved? Jesus died for their sins and God offers to them forgiveness. Yet YOU are the one that God sends to that person, to those people, that they may hear the gospel and be saved.

It is us, human servants, that bring God's salvation to people. He uses our lives as instruments to complete the process that leads to salvation of individual people.

God sent Jesus to make disciples, but absent the disciple's of Jesus making more disciples, the work just would not get done. It is not that God's hand is limited, but it is how God has chosen to spread the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. God has sent me and you to the world to complete the work of Jesus. We do it as servants, as stewards, as disciples. The work by God's design includes our suffering, our toiling and our wrestling with the world in which we live that we might glorify God in our service for Him. There are not super saints that do all the work . . . no. There is just you and me.

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