Salvation Thanksgiving

It is pretty normal for significant events to cause us to reflect on our own life.

Married people often think about their own wedding as a result of attending another person's wedding.

Whether an event is typically joyful, like the birth of a child, or trauma inducting, like having surgery . . . our thoughts turn to ourselves as we observe or share in the common experience of another.

This is true in regard to salvation too. When a person is saved it is normal, and it is good, that we reflect on our own salvation. When God saves that person – that one who was so bad . . . that no one ever thought would turn to Jesus – or that person who was so self righteous and good that we never thought they would ever see their need for a savior – we see ourselves in them and their salvation.
The term brother/brethren used. 

Although there are different roles, although there are different levels of knowledge, different levels of maturity . . . in Jesus there is a commonality among all saved people.
All people, while unsaved, stand in the same place, estranged from God. All people are saved in same way, through faith in Jesus by God's grace. All people enter the kingdom of God the same way, through the regenerating power of the HS that causes each one to be born again –
we are spiritual siblings. All saved people have the same standing before God, possessing the righteousness of Jesus. All saved people have the same hope of the eternal resurrection, no pain, no suffering, no sin, no death, no sickness.

The keen edge of our joy and gratitude that we had when we were first saved can dull over time . . . for a number of reasons.
However, when we learn of another person's salvation if can, and should refresh our deep deep gratitude toward God for our salvation.

 Reflecting on our own salvation produces gratitude because we recall that we are saved because of the mercy of God, not our merit.


Salvation produces _______________.

What are some of the ways that people respond when other people get saved?

(What does it mean to be saved?)

What is the main idea conveyed in Colossians 1:3-8?

Identify and explain 5 reasons that salvation produces thanksgiving:






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