Trusting the Unchanging God

As we come once again to 2 Peter, we find that, although we live in an ever-changing world, there are somethings that are constant. Ever since the fall of man, one of those constant things is that Human sinfulness flourishes in the absence of God. You see, human nature is human nature. Apart from God, man, left to his own devises will plant the seeds of sin and harvest an abundant crop of unrighteous. Only the grace of God can change a person from the inside out. And that is the only change that is genuine and lasting.
I need God; I always need God; That need is constant in my life. Apart from God each one of us will go our own way. God never changes and his power is not limited. He knows our heart. He is able to rescue and guard. He knows how to punish. And, when we have received salvation by His grace, even when we make bad choices and make a huge mess, God's grace, mercy and love are not thwarted. We may make our own lives, and those of people around us, miserable . . . but we can rest in the mercy of God. Because of these constants we find encouragement to walk by faith in the ever faithful God. His love is great and His mercies are abundant.
2 Peter 2:6-9

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