New Book! From Disciple to Disciple

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Pastor Jeff's new book is finally here! The title, From Disciple to Disciple, describes its purpose and function of his latest book. The knowledge and experiences of existing disciples will be imparted
from the more mature disciple to the less experienced disciple. This book is a practical tool that equips existing Christian disciples to be able to effectively accomplish part of the task of making Christian disciples. The book contains 10 Chapters/lessons with each chapter containing two portions. The first part of the chapter contains a lesson plan/teachers guide while the second part of the chapter contains a fill-in-th-blank handout for the student(s). Multiple student handouts can be copied from the book or you can downloaded free copies here.

We are so thankful for the work Pastor Jeff has done to make this book possible. We hope you will be able to use this book to help others grow in their relationship with the Lord.

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