Do it on Purpose!

Do you mindlessly go through the motions of being a Christian, or do you intentionally follow Jesus according to the revealed purposes of God? 

Many religious people go through the motions outwardly, but give little thought to why they are acting the way they do. Jesus had strong words of condemnation for those whose religion was only a superficial layer of watered down paint. We don't want to be that person!

1 Peter is a letter written to Christians who were being persecuted. They are scattered and suffering for their faith. So today we take a satellite view of 1 Peter. Until now we have been working our way through the forest, looking at the trees of 1 Peter. Now we get in an aircraft, hover high overhead and look at the book from the big picture perspective. When we zoom out, we see that the book is filled with purpose. Many of the statements, the commands and the instructions given include a purpose.  1 Peter

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