Month 2

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been nearly two months since we have gathered at the building on
McDermot Road and it is hard to say how much longer we will be unable to
meet there.

Some may be wondering about the church budget and finances.  In this
regard we are blessed and have reason to thank God.

Currently we are following our budget and continue to pay our bills and
to provide missionary support and pay the pastor (thank you). Because we
have been careful with our finances and tried to live within the means
that God has provided the church has funds on hand to cover these
things. (Please pray for the churches who function on a month to month
basis and are struggling to meet their financial obligations.) At this
time we do not anticipate any change in our financial expenditures.

Also Frank has asked me to express thanks to those who have been
faithful to send their monetary gifts to the church. Thank you for
continuing to support the work and ministry of Canaan Church at this
time by sending your gifts to the church's P.O. box  through the mail.

We serve a wonderful God and we have much to thank Him for. Our
financial stability as a church is one small, but important, thing that
we can thank God for today.

With thanksgiving,

Pastor Jeff

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