Church Tomorrow

Canaan Church will meet at pastor's home tomorrow (5/10/20) for church service from 11-12 am. We will be meeting outside complying with the 6 foot distancing and all the Oregon Health Authority requirements. Our gathering will be limited to less than 24 people.

Meeting in this way is allowed by the governor and the state health authority.

Here is what you need to know.

  • If you are sick or consider yourself at high risk, please stay home.

  • Face masks and gloves are acceptable but not required.

  • Please bring your own outdoor/lawn chair, and your Bible, hand sanitizer, etc.

  • We will need someone to pickup and bring hymnals from the church; please let me know if you can do this.

  • There will be no community food or drink. (Bring personal beverages if desired)

  • Children will need to sit with their parents (not playing or running around)

We are looking forward to gathering together in this way tomorrow. Plans and preparations are underway to meet at the church building possibly starting next Sunday. More details will be shared as they become available.


Serving with joy,

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