It is Scary!!!!!

A conversation between two people about what is happening in our lives as a result of the virus went something like this.

It is scary!”

What is scary?”

Everything that is going on!”

            “What is it that is causing your fear?”

Fear is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Take a moment to pray asking God to show you what is causing fear for you at this strange time. If we look at what is being done it may be possible to identify some perceived dangers causing us fear.
Some are afraid:
    • of getting sick themselves
    • they will cause others to get sick
    • the health care system will be overwhelmed and not be able to provide care
    • that they will not have basic necessities
    • the government will take away basic rights
    • the stock market, economy will crash, and there be a depression
    • the banks will close and they will not be able to access their money
    • they will lose their jobs
    • they won't be able to pay bills and may will lose their house
    • they will be seen as being irresponsible
    • . . . an unending list
What is causing you fear? 

Although there are dangers, real and imagined, we are to live by faith rather than be controlled by fear. We are to trust God rather than be filled with anxiety. God gives us what we need to overcome fear and anxiety. Living by faith includes obeying the authorities, taking appropriate health measures and such. But living in faith does these things with a peace, calm, and contentment of heart that fear does not allow.

After identifying what is causing fear or worry in your life, take some time to read and consider the following texts.

According to these texts what is the proper response to your fears?After the Lord has helped you recognize your fear and you have been helped by your study of God's Word, consider sharing it with others to encourage them. (email, call, FB message or post)

Serving with joy,

Pastor Jeff

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