The Law of the Gospel

Date Preached: 2/4/18
Sermon Text: 1 Timothy 1:8-11
Title: The Law of the Gospel

 the law is good – it is holy and righteous; But like most everything in this world, what is intended for good can be used for evil. Those who want to be teachers of the law and assert that salvation or sanctification somehow are associated with keeping the law are at best mistaken and clearly very dangerous. This is why Timothy was told to tell them to stop teaching doctrines which are contrary to the gospel of grace.

This is why we turn to the cross of Jesus and remember what He did for us and how we are saved. Our flesh want to puff itself up; periodically we have to vent the air out of our heads and remember that it is by God's grace and love we are saved and that our life and service is to arise from love, not law.

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