Salvation Changes You

Title: Salvation Changes You 
Text: Book of Colossians
Date Preached: 5/14/17

The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. (Pro. 10:9). We make our plans, but things sometimes take a turn we never saw coming.

Some life events dramatically and totally change everything. Events and choices big and small, things within our control, things outside our control, at any moment, at any time, expected or unexpected can change your life. As we look into the future we may, or may not, have purposeful and conscience plans or expectations . . . either way - in an instant everything may change.

Among all the things that can happen in our lives, without doubt, the biggest change you will ever encounter is to die. I have entitled this sermon “Dying Changes a Person.” So when we look at Colossians 3:3 “For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” . . . that sounds pretty life changing. We should not be surprised that those who have become followers of Jesus have a dramatic and total change in their lives.

Actually, it is pretty silly, ridiculous, to think that a person could die and that their life not change . . . And yet, not just a few people claim to be saved, to become followers of Jesus and life just kinda keeps going as if no big deal . . . few if any changes.

So when we think about salvation, our own and that of others, we should grasp the truth that Salvation Changes You in many ways. For the saved person, salvation becomes the hub, the focus, the central point that everything else in life revolves around. Today, we look at the book of Colossians as a whole. The message is simple: Salvation Changes You. All of you, everything about you. In every way!

                                              Sermon Handout

Identify some of the life changing events that people experience:

Identify some events that personally changed the course of your life.

List and describe some of the ways that Salvation Changes People.

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