Absolute Moral Values

Absolute Moral Values 

If you take a single broad issue such as sexual morality it can illustrate why the divide exists.

Imagine a room 10 feet wide that represents the breadth of views on marriage and sexual morality in say 1955. On the right side of the aisle are those who hold to a Biblical view of marriage and on the left are those who hold to a view of marriage defined by culture at large.

With the passing of time, by 2016 the room becomes 1000 foot wide. Those still holding to a Biblical view are still on the far right side of the room, marriage is one man, one woman for life. Sex outside of the marriage bond is immoral. Yet those who hold to cultural norms are on the far left of the room claiming that any sex is good sex as long as no one is forced. There is a huge gap between them that will continue to grow.

To suggest those on the right meet in the middle ground is to suggest they accept what was far outside of the original room. This illustration can be used for many different specific issues. A country without absolute moral values will have within it those who embrace moral values who cannot, in good conscience, compromise moral values. Pastor Jeff Mullins

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