You Gotta Love the Law

The Christian's relationship with the Old Testament  law is a confusing issue for many of us. Do we have to keep the 10 commandments to be saved?   What about the rest of the laws in the Old Testament? If we are to keep some of the laws, like the 10 commandments do we have to keep all the other laws? Today we want to try to simplify and clarify how we should view and relate to the Old Testament law!

Hand Out Questions: 

Why do we have the 10 commandments posted in public places but do not have monuments with the OT dietary laws?

Clarification about the OT Law

1. The OT law was part of

2. The OT law was to make Israel . . .

3. The keeping of the OT law as an act of __________ out of . . . .

4. _____________________ fulfilled ___________ the OT law.

5. The law functions today to _____________________.

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