Avoid Sins Sucker Punch

A victorious Christian is one who...lives for the Lord...serves the Lord...loves the Lord... and overcomes sin.

It is much easier for us to define and understand victory when we look at it from the standpoint of defeat. Very simply, we are defeated as a Christian when we sin.

We are in a battle against sin.

Who are our enemies? Who are we battling against? If you have been in Christian circles very long you may have heard that our enemies that defeat us and cause us to sin are the world, the flesh, and the devil. But, two of those, the world and the devil, really have no power over us apart from our own flesh and the desires of the flesh. The world and the devil are real enemies and the Bible says they are, but they only gain leverage in our lives as we allow them through our flesh.

Our victory comes when we avoid the missteps along the path of life. To escape from sin we need to avoid certain mistakes.

In 1 Corinthians 10 we find that there are a number of mistakes we may make that lead us into sin. The first mistake that we sometimes make is that . . 

Sermon Handout:


Success for a Christian is . . . .

Before victory comes . . .

A victorious Christian is . . . 
A defeated Christian is . . .

List below three enemies that followers of Jesus face:

(Circle the one enemy that is our main opponent)

List and describe four mistakes that we make that lead to potential defeat in our lives. Include the remedy for each.





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