My Experience VS God's Word

There seems to be a great contrast between people today who claim to have had a “God experience” and what the Bible records of followers of Jesus who had undeniable dramatic encounters with the Living God.

We don't find Paul focusing on his experience in self exalting ways. Peter, James, John, or Paul did not write books about their great encounters with God. If they were alive today they would not be making movies about their experience! They would not be preaching about their experiences. Instead they would be exalting the greatness of God and humbly serving. For sure, at times they would have a spotlight on them, but in those times they would be a highly polished mirror reflecting all the attention and glory back to God.  

People are fascinated with obscure aspects of Bible prophecy; they get all wound up and excited like one of those toy monkeys clanging his cymbals together. But no matter how great or small our experiences may be; no matter how fabulous, fantastic, challenging, exciting, or life changing . . . the point is simple – God's Word is the Final Word!!!!! 

Sermon Text: 2 Peter 1:18-16
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