False Teachers!


We may hate people who take advantage of us, who are greedy, who cheat us and give themselves over to sin without restraint, but many will follow them why?. . . because of their sensuality! The health, wealth and prosperity gospel prospers because people want these things; and false teachers promise those things, although they know the people who get those things will not attain to them.
People give to rich televangelist to live out their dream through them, hoping to attain to that dream themselves. They are greedy and sensuous and want the same things that the false teachers have and are willing to give to them in hope that they can get there themselves. This is the same thing that motivates gamblers, playing the lottery, and pyramid schemes. This is the same thing that motivates many people who see the government as the means to take other people's wealth and give it to them. They are willing to sacrifice the well being of the nation if only someone will fill their hand.
The false prophet prospered because they say what the people wanted. The false prophets were motivated by public acceptance and praise. They speak what the people wanted to hear; and they do so for a price.
False teachers live for the moment; for earthly pleasure; They have no fear of God, they are not careful to teach the truth, they take advantage of people, they look out only for that which benefits them . . . and all this because they do not believe that they will stand before the one who bought them and rose from the dead and that they will have to give an account to Him. But, the false teachers are on the fast track to destruction and they are leading a band of brother racing toward a collision with the righteous Judge. 

Sermon Scripture:  2 Peter 1:20-2:3

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