Love Supported

For many it seems that we have a fast food approach to spiritual growth; Pull up to the church, place your order in the drive through, pay with a little time, cash and effort and viola – you come out on the other side with a deep fried bag of love.

We expect to have love, the tip of the iceberg, without having everything that causes the tip of the iceberg to float above the water. We think we can summit Mt. Everest without spending the night at base camp and doing the hard work of diligently trudging up the side of the mountain. We think we can show with a sponge bob square pants pack pack and complete the journey to spiritual maturity without months of prior planning and preparation.

Although we are to pursue love, it is somewhat elusive. However if we add the character qualities listed in 2 Peter 1:5-8 because we love God, then we will become the person who loves our brother, loves our neighbor and loves our enemies.

Things to think about as you listen:
1. Why is love important in the life of a follower of Jesus?
2. Who are three people that you are close to?
3. How can I better support others in my local church, whether it be Canaan Church or another fellowship?

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