Knowing Christ is Peace

In our own nation the definition of what it means to be an American is rapidly changing. Standards and norms held for centuries are rapidly eroding and being replaced. Christians who hold to the Bible are becoming increasingly the target of ridicule. Bible believers are now considered by some to be the definition of all that is hateful and intolerant within our borders. The snowball of intolerance for those considered to be intolerant seems to be gaining great political momentum. Has the stage been set for the simmering culturally war to burst out into an all out oppression of those who actually believe the Bible? Are those who seek to live by God's truth, and who hold it to be the standard of right or wrong, soon to be the target of an open season​?

Although these things are difficult and challenging in our Nation right now, our lives should be characterized by a peace and calm. The winds of adversity should cause us to cling closely to the Lord. When we do, we will possess a peace that defies human explanation. 2 Thessalonians is about peace; Each chapter mentions or alludes to having peace; These provide an ever needed reminder that Christians have peace. This is especially timely for us today. 2 Thessalonians
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